White collection

The Forever Flawless White Diamond Collection is our 4-step basic facial treatment. Designed for everyday use, this basic beauty system, enriched with genuine natural diamond powder, will keep your facial skin clean, soft, smooth, radiant, and hydrated. By utilizing genuine natural diamond powder as an exfoliating agent, our Forever Flawless products penetrate deeper, better, and in a more effective way into the skin so you can expect added smoothness and softness to your skin starting on day one – and striking results within a few weeks time.

Blue Diamond Collection

The Forever Flawless Blue Diamond Collection Eye Serum and Eye Cream are specifically developed for the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. The two products contain powerful age-defying ingredients that hydrate, correct, and protect the delicate eye area. For best results apply the serum first and once fully absorbed apply the eye cream. This diamond infused Eye Care system is formulated to protect your skin against premature lines and wrinkles and to diminish and prevent the appearance of under-eye dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet.

Pink Diamond Collection

The Forever Flawless Pink Diamond Collection is a powerful age-defying system that generates remarkable and immediate, as well as long term improvements in skin’s texture, firmness, and elasticity. Our Collagen Pink Diamond Collection is scientifically formulated to deliver the most advanced age-defying results by boosting natural collagen and elastin production. This collection is so effective thanks to the unique combination of genuine natural diamond powder, deep penetration enhancers (Kaolin Clay), and the most advanced age-defying ingredients (Hexa-Peptides& Marine Collagen Polypeptides). This professional class Pink Diamond Collection does not only protect your skin from signs of premature aging but it also supports a firmer, and a more radiant, flexible, nourished, and elastic skin.

Black Diamond Collection

Forever Flawless Black Diamond Collections is our supreme age-defying series. It combines scientific breakthroughs, superb age-defying ingredients, and years of laboratory experience to generate a world class, luxurious line. The Forever Flawless Black Diamond Collection sets industry standards for excellence and for generating long lasting visible, and sustainable improved skin conditions. The Forever Flawless Anti-Aging Black Diamond Collection is comprised of our Diamond Infused Age Defying Serum, Cream, Thermal Mask, Vitamin C Booster, Wrinkle Eraser, Age-Defying Beauty Kit (with tissue masks), and LED Peptide Correcting Kit.

Platinum Collection

The Forever Flawless Diamond infused Platinum Collection is our premier and most advanced collection. This collection is based on revolutionary scientific breakthroughs that generate instant lifting effect. The ultimate goal of this Platinum Collection is to tone, tighten, and contour to result in significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of premature aging.

Gold & Diamond Collection

What’s better…Diamonds or Gold? How about both? From ancient times diamonds and gold have been recognized for their luxurious and beautifying properties. The exclusive Forever Flawless 24k Gold Collection incorporates both genuine natural diamond powder as an exfoliating agent, and 24k Gold, known for its age-defying beautifying properties, to an elite series that adapts to your skin’s unique needs for optimal results. Our Diamond Infused 24k Gold Collection is a targeted nourishing action. Formulated with pure 24k Gold, premium botanicals, essential vitamins, and the finest natural diamond powder, this luxury collection tones, refines, nourishes, and improves skin elasticity so the skin looks and feels firm, fresh, nourished, and revitalized.